Doula Services



Prenatal Visits

  • Free Consultation-- I will learn about you, your labor and delivery goals. You will learn about how I can support you to achieve them.

  • First Prenatal Visit-- A deep dive into your goals and what you can do during pregnancy to prepare for them, can include help with the birth plan, or review of the birth plan.

  • Second Prenatal Visit-- A labor practice session! Practice laboring positions, visualizations and other tools that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Text/Phone Support throughout pregnancy-- I'm only a text or a phone call away from the time you hire me! I will respond within 24 hours to non-emergent texts and phone calls. Sometimes when we are pregnant we just need that reassuring response telling us everything is OK-- or that nudge to call the doctor, just in case!

* These visits can be tailored to YOUR FAMILY's NEEDS!!

Labor Support

  • 24/7 on call support during your “due month”

  • A tailored approach to YOUR NEEDS

  • Available to meet you at home during early stages of labor, or can meet you at your birthing place

  • Help with setting up the laboring space

  • Physical support during contractions--guidance with positions, massage

  • A calm, steady presence

  • Support for the partner; perhaps the partner needs a breath of fresh air, or a sandwich or a coffee. Perhaps they just need reassurance that that is happening is within the range of normal.

  • An extra set of hands during labor AND delivery

  • Collaboration with well-qualified back up doulas I trust. You don’t want me at your birth if I have the flu, but you still need the support. Let me handle it!

Immediate Lactation Support

As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) I can stay for 1-2 hours following the delivery of the baby to help mom and baby work together to get off to the best start possible. This initial consultation is included in the Doula fee.

Postpartum Visit

  • One visit after you have returned home

  • You can spend time talking about your birth experience

  • I can provide a written copy of the birth from my perspective, if desired

  • Additional lactation support can be provided at this visit

  • I will bring a meal for your family at this visit